Our Environmental Impact

Our Blanks

Quality, luxurious pieces that last. That's the dream.

When we can, we like to offer the highest quality and most eco-friendly blanks. That means sustainably farmed cotton, garments made without toxic dyes, chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticides, or formaldehyde, and transparent working conditions along the supply chain.

As you browse our site, you may notice some of our products have multiple blank options. We know the most eco friendly blanks come with a higher price tag, and we want everyone to have a chance to rock our designs.

Our long term goal: to offer only the highest quality, eco-friendly pieces at a reasonable price point, and to phase out all non-sustainable options.

Packaging Supplies

To make sure your package arrives to you safe and sound, and as sustainably as possible, we like to use shipping supply brands like EcoPackables, NoIssue, and Better Packaging Co. Check them out by clicking on their name.